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Blessed with god’s grace from early childhood, Guru ji had helped numerous families overcome their problems and get better in their lives.




Guruji was born in 1972 , at chennai.he also lived and studied in chennai.since childhood he had intersted and believe in god .Every Month Tuesday and Friday Guruji will go to chennai kalikambal temple and in kiruthigai kandan kottai murugan temple and every Saturday he will go to ram and hanuman temple .At his age of 13,14 when his mother returned to hometown and visits him and ask about him .how are you ? and how things going on? And after that Guruji Big mother will ask some personal question and ask guruji to give decision and solution to his mother.guruji will reply how I know about these problem and how I will say my decision and solution and I don’t know anything about it.guruji mother will reply him just listen my problem and give advice and solution what comes in your mind.guruji will say some solution and advice what that came in guruji mind and then he will went to play with his friends.after so many years when he think about his childhood life guruji realised that his mother will ask him solution to problem and he will give advices and it gets solved.then he realised that him mother know that Guruji is a god blessed his 24 age yogi nilaya hanuman showed up in dream and said that you will go in a path of devotee .you will spend your life in devotee first Guruji didn’t take it serious.but sometimes what Guruji say it will happen. His family member will say you have silvertongue because of that what you saying is happening. For eg:when his mother going to village for some function . Guruji said that don’t wear ring .wear all remaining ornaments.his mother doesn’t listen to Guruji.after returning from function his mother went in kaveri river for a bath then she lost his many incidence that what Guruji will say something and it will happen exactly like that.then Guruji got married and went to work and started living his life.

Guruji started to believe that he is a god blessed child

After that Guruji started to believe that he is a god blessed child and started his life in a devotee path.then some devotee people visits him and say their problem and he will give some advice and solution and it will happen exactly like that and Guruji say to people iam just a god messager believe in god and god is showing the lifepath through me.then people visits Guruji and see him as their own worship god .without any cast or religion or language Guruji will treat all people equally and give them blessings.

Guruji is a god blessed his 24 age yogi nilaya hanuman showed up in dream

Guruji got an accident and got retirement from his work.due to accident Guruji got sick.then his father thought that there is some negative energy around him so that only he is not in good health his father took him to angala parameswari temple and take him arulvakku samiyar.then that samiyar saw him and didn’t ask anything and smiled while seeing him and started to ask him why did you came here to test me.he didn’t understand anyting what he try to tell Guruji.he said that he is a god blessed one you are shiva and paravathi blessed one. His father started to ask that his health condition is getting worse due to negative energy that arulvakku sami replied that negative energy while go away after seeing your son.dont go anywhere trust yourself there is no bad omen around have positive energy and your health will get better.after this incidence Guruji got some believe and got a change in himself.

As a request from devotee people Guruji started to have trust

As a father,mother,brother,sister,friend and family member and doctor to people Guruji is giving solution to their problems. As a guruji he is helping people to have a peaceful mind and guide them to lead a good life.we need to believe that guruji will show a correct path in life and people around the world should be happy and will get blessings of him and people willing to have Guruji praying prasad and people willing to get blessing from Guruji . moomuruthi alayam is going to build . after god show Guruji building and architect of temple and gives the way to construct the temple.the temple will start to construct. As a request from devotee people Guruji started to have trust.with the help of these trust many good deeds Guruji will do and bring happiness in everyone life. Guruji and his trust members trying to helps other everyone please support these trust.if anyone have any problem contact Guruji and share the problem and Guruji will give either soulution and sort out the problem .

Our mission is to share the Good of Hinduism

We are a Hindu that belives in Lord Rama and Vishnu Deva the followers and We are a Hindu that belives in Lord Rama and Vishnu Deva.

Our mission is to share the Good of Hinduism, Loving, Faith and Serving. People ask questions related to Hinduism. Temple is a place where Hindu worship our Bhagwan Ram, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna etc. Proin eget tortor industry’s standard dummy text ever


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